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Giclee art prints


I occasionally arrange one-off giclee art prints on textured watercolour paper. These are professionally printed, signed and double-mounted to fit either a 40x40cm or 40x50cm frame (normally depending on what best suits the dimensions of the image) as per the examples above. Since they are bespoke, it can be any image you like. I offer these for £85 plus £10 postage in the UK. 

The image can either extend all the way to the edge of the mount, as in the examples above, or be reduced slightly to leave space for the headline and date of the image to be written underneath, as in the example on the right.

Print mounts_With images.jpg
Print title.jpg
Signature closeup.jpg
Print title closeup.jpg

Alternatively, I can sell prints on their own and unmounted, at any dimensions you like, especially for sending overseas to reduce shipping costs. These can either be with a straight or a painted edge, as below.

Send me an email from the contacts page if you'd like any of these.


Alternatively, if you're not bothered about a signature and it's purely for personal use, feel free to get in touch regarding a high-res image to print yourself, which I'll be happy to email you.  

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